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Archive | June, 2013

upcycled shoe store

Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Reclaimed Wood Furniture Kieron shared these photos of his latest reclaimed wood furniture recreations made with wood bought from us. Side table. The top of this piece of reclaimed wood furniture is made from new Scaffold boards and has been aged, then painted and stencilled. It has been ‘cut back’ revealing the grain, and simply […]

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Fun-Filled Fundraiser

Our reclaimed plywood can be used for all sorts of things – flooring, roofing, walls etc. ┬áSometimes it finds it way into more creative and fun- filled fundraiser projects, like this sponge board for a local school and play group Fantastic, I am so glad I found you. The reclaimed plywood has now been made […]

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Kinetic Barn

Upcycling in High Gear Cambridge Wood Works commissioned one of their former volunteers Alex Hamill of Kinetic Barn to create a large, wall-mounted sculpture using only recycled wood that captured the essence of our operation and stayed faithful to our values. The sculpture, which is possibly the world’s largest business card dispenser, titled “Upcycling in […]

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