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About Cambridge Wood Works

Cambridge Wood Works was a Community Wood Recycling enterprise established in 2010 that provided an economic and environmentally friendly alternative to skips for timber and wood waste, collecting, reusing and recycling as much as we possible for community benefit

It collected waste wood and timber in and around the Cambridge area, the aim being to reuse as much as possible, giving material to Cambridge charities and schools and selling reusable timber for trade and DIY from it’s Wood Store at very affordable prices

It made simple products from some of the material collected in it’s workshop, which provided employment, education and volunteering opportunities in basic woodskills using reclaimed timber

In collaboration with Cambridge Wood Fuel Ltd it made Cambridge Hotlogs – eco-friendly waste wood briquettes, ideal for wood burning stoves, fire pits and chimeneas, from any clean waste wood we can’t otherwise reuse. Cambridge Hotlogs continue to be made by Cambridge Wood Fuel Ltd.

Any profits were reinvested in the business or can be used to help other local community organisations.

Unfortunately the enterprise suffered from a lack of suitable premises in a suitable location.

Initially founded in the City, readily accessible for volunteers, staff and customers, the lack of a suitable affordable site meant it had to relocate to the rural fringe outside of town.

In 2011 the enterprise moved to Penn Farm Studios in Haslingfield, a bucolic but remote location for those without our their own transport. This made it difficult to attract the kind of volunteers who would benefit most from working within a community wood recycling enterprise.

In 2014 the enterprise was forced to rent additional land in Barton, a few miles away, in order to have enough space to receive and process the 60+ tonnes of waste wood and timber being generated by it’s waste wood collections service. Unfortunately the site proved unsuitable and an cost burden that had to be given up in order to prevent the enterprise running at a loss.

Unable to find an alternative suitable site, the enterprise had to reduce it’s collections service, due to lack of storage and processing space, which resulted in less affordable reclaimed timber being available.

By October 2015, despite the increasing popularity of the Cambridge Hotlogs, it became clear to directors that the business at Penn Farm studios was no longer sustainable and the decision was made to wind the enterprise up.

Cambridge Wood Fuel Ltd continues to produce and distribute the Cambridge Hotlogs to the general public through it’s website as well as the network of distributors that has been developed over the past few years.

Cambridge Wood Fuel Ltd also offers a selective waste wood collections service for scrap Grade A timber – please contact them for further details