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Cambridge Hotlogs – premium waste timber briquettes

Cambridge Hotlogs - Cleaner, Greener, Hotter

Cambridge Hotlogs – premium grade waste timber briquettes

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We produce our own briquettes* from clean waste timber and sell them as Cambridge Hotlogs.  All the wood is sourced from our collections, sorted by hand and is clean, dry, untreated and unpainted wood that even we cannot reuse and which would otherwise have to be recycled.

Cambridge Hotlogs

12.5Kg Bag of Cambridge Hotlogs

Our Hotlogs come in 12.5kg bags that cost as little as  £3.49 each (contact us for bulk pricing and delivery options). They are easy to light, very clean burning, produce very little ash, do not spit or spark and have a low moisture content, so they burn much hotter than ordinary firewood.

Hotlogs are an ideal as a complementary fuel with wood or coal, or you can burn them on their own.

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You can watch a video of the briquettes here Cambridge Hotlogs on youtube

*in association with Cambridge Wood Fuel Limited (who supply the necessary equipment)

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