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Cambridge University Press

We went to Cambridge University Press and helped them assemble bird boxes and bat boxes at lunchtime today.

Despite the cold there was an enthusiastic turn out!

We started with the ‘Kent’ bat box – a relatively simple kit designed by the Wildlife Trust. This box should be placed on sheds or outbuildings in sunny positions, and can be painted black to absorb more heat, thus making it more cosy for the bats to roost in during the daytime.

We then moved on to the technically more challenging Blue Tit boxes.  These have been designed to attract Blue Tits and other smaller birds, by ensuring the hole drilled in the front is too big for other species, such as the Great Tit.  These can be placed in areas near  (but not too close) to where you would like to see blue tits feeding.

Next came the ‘Noctule’ bat boxes (not shown here) which should be put up in a group of three or four around a tree truck about 4-5 meters above ground, as Noctules are communal bats and like to roost in small groups.

We finished with the Robin boxes, which were a bit easier to assemble (especially as we had remembered to pre-drill the holes for the fixings in our workshop!)  Here’s Nicki showing off her completed work!

All these products were made from kits prepared by Cambridge Wood Works, from reclaimed timber they have collected from Cambridge University Press and other clients.  Please let us know if you have any comments!