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Closing down – Tools and Equipment for Sale

Update Wednesday 11 November – new items added

Please scroll to the end of this post to view additional items we have added.  There are more hand tools etc available – please make a viewing appointment 11am – 2pm Weds – Friday and 11am 12 noon Saturday.

Update – Tuesday 10 November

Due to the high level of interest in some of the items we have listed to date, and others we have not yet listed, we will be asking everyone interested in any of the equipment to do the following:

  1. – Arrange to view the item(s) you are interested in before making an offer.  Viewing is available 11am – 2pm Weds -Fri 11-13 November and 11am – 12 noon Saturday 14 November
  2. – Make a Full and Final offer in writing by 12 noon Saturday 14 November (email is fine)

As we are a Community Interest Company (CIC), we are bound by regulations to ensure we receive ‘Full Consideration’ for any assets we dispose of – which means if there is more than one buyer interested in any item we need to ensure we get the best offer.  We’re not trying to make any profit from this – any surpluses that might be left over have to be redistributed to other CIC’s or community groups and agreed with the CIC regulator.

This post will be updated again by Wednesday 11 November to include further items

Tools and Equipment for sale

In this post we’re listing various tools and equipment we need to sell as we are winding the enterprise up.  We’ll update this post as we work our way through the items, so check back again soon to see if there’s anything new.  We’ll be selling the power tools in our workshop, our two LDV vans, our office equipment and other miscellaneous items.

The proceeds will go towards paying off loans and creditors with any surplus being distributed in accordance with the regulations for a Community Interest Company.  It is unlikely that any valuable equipment will remain unsold and we expect there to be little or no surplus to distribute, so please feel free to make as generous an offer as you can!

Record Power BS400 16″ floor standing bandsaw with wheel kit – offers sought in excess of £475

Record BS400 bandsaw with wheel kit

Record BS400 bandsaw with wheel kit

We’ve had this band saw since 2013 and it’s not had much use in our workshop. It still has 3 years of the manufacturers warranty to run and comes complete with the optional wheel kit to make it easier to move around the workshop.

The Record BS400 bandsaw offers professional quality, industrial features and large capacities to the mid range bandsaw market. Ideal for the workshop with limited space, this machine brings affordable solid performance and reliability within reach of the discerning woodworker.

Like all bandsaws in the range, a solid cast iron table provides unrivalled stability and solidity. An industrial style cast trunnion supports the table and allows it to be tilted one-handed on a rack and pinion. Dynamically balanced cast iron bandwheels ensure superior strength and reduced vibration – a feature not usually found on other machines at this level. The 2hp motor and 270mm depth of cut mean this machine can cope easily with large timbers yet is also equally capable of fine, precise cuts and veneers.  The build quality and structural strength of the BS400 is second to none for this size of machine, featuring all the constructional attributes that has made the BS400 such a success. The heavyweight blade tensioning system alone is far above the standards of other machines in this price range. Another feature borrowed from the BS400 is the sturdy rip fence, held by a cast mount which slides easily on a solid steel bar.

This bandsaw comes complete with the BS400w Wheel kit.  
This simple but effective wheelkit is essential if you will need to reposition the BS400 in your workshop. Wheels are added to one end of the baseplate and a bracket is added to the other keeping the machine level and stable. This can then be levered onto a wheeled jockey bar to tilt the machine a few degrees and enable it to be moved on the wheels.
You can watch a video of the BS400 on you tube – 

  • Max depth of cut 305mm
  • Throat depth 416mm
  • Motor power (output) 2hp
  • Blade Width 1/4″ – 1″
  • Blade Speeds 420 or 820 rpm
  • Blade Length 133″
  • Table tilt 10º to -45º
  • Table size 535 x 480mm
  • Weight 140 kg
  • Extraction port 100mm
  • Table height (from floor) 900mm
  • Overall Height 1800mm
  • Overall Length 630mm
  • Overall Width 850mm

Axminster C4 Panelsaw – offers sought in excess of £1,350 +VAT

Axminster C4 Panelsaw complete with wheel kit, hold down bar and extraction kit

Axminster C4 Panelsaw complete with wheel kit, hold down bar and extraction kit

This panels was purchased in August 2015 and comes complete with the optional wheel kit, fixed stand, hold down bar and extraction kit.  Altogether this cost £2,275 new. It’s a fantastic piece of kit, especially if you need to process a lot of sheet materials.  The midway fence makes ripping down timber up to 2″ thick a breeze.

The C4 vertical panel saw is a useful addition to any small or medium workshop where sheet material is regularly processed. Vertical operation makes handling of the sheets much easier as well as saving valuable floor space. The saw can be secured permanently to a wall or moved around with the aid of the optional wheels and either the fixed or the folding stand. It can also be transported in the back of a van for site use. The saw unit with its 44.5mm depth of cut and 1,600W motor is fixed to a mounting plate which slides up and down the two guide bars, supported by a spring recoil device. Vertical cuts are made by positioning the sheet in the correct position on the frame and moving the saw blade down through the sheet; horizontal cuts are made by rotating the saw unit through 90°, locking it in the correct vertical position and moving the sheet through the blade. Rollers on the lower rail ease the passage of the sheet through the saw and there are wheeled extensions available for the bottom rail to allow 2,440 x 1,220mm(8′ x 4′) sheets to be safely processed.  The saw comes fitted with a mid-way fence which makes the handling of narrower width boards much more convenient. The two horizontal timber supports on the mid-way fence are secured in place with quick release cam clamps which allow the supports to be removed in a few seconds when full depth sheets are to be cut. The mid-way fence is fitted with a precision stop for accurate repeat length cutting.

Key Features

  • 1,600W industrial duty motor
  • Up to 44.5mm depth of cut
  • Counter-balanced saw carriage for ease of cutting
  • 2,450 x 1,270mm(8′ x 4′)sheet cutting capacity
  • Rollers on lower guide rails to ease horizontal cutting
  • Optional thin material pressure rollers included
  • C4 supplied with midway fence for handling narrow boards, dust extraction kit, fixed stand and wheel kit

Record DP58P Heavy Duty pedastal drill 50″ column 5/8″ chuck – asking price in excess of £185


We’ve had this record drill press since 2013 and it has seen very little usage in ur workshop.  Originally it cost £335 when new and still has 3 years manufacturers warranty left on it.

When it is critical to drill a hole at a certain angle or the hole needs to be stopped at a specific depth, there really is no substitute for a dedicated drilling machine. By setting up the work piece and clamping it to the table all guesswork is eliminated and accurate and repeat drilling becomes simple and easy. Record Power have long had a reputation for fine drilling machines and our current range is no exception.
Making extensive use of steel and cast iron and driven by a powerful induction motor, the DP58P can be expected to give reliable service for many years. The headstock in particular is made from a large casting to give rigidity and absorb vibration.
The large, heavy table is fitted with rack and pinion rise and fall. The machine has 12 speeds, making it suitable for drilling metal as well as wood. This is particularly useful as most woodworkers have the occasional need to drill metal for hinges, brackets and plating etc. and it can be very frustrating to have the right machine for the job but not the right speeds.
Record Power have a high reputation for quality drilling machines and we believe that when this machine is compared to others in the market at similar (or greater) prices the value for money it represents will be quickly appreciated.

  • Throat Depth: 190mm
  • Depth of Feed: 80mm
  • Chuck to Table: 668mm
  • Chuck to Base: 1154mm
  • Chuck: 2 Morse Taper/16mm
  • Motor: 1HP
  • Speeds: 180, 250, 300, 400, 480, 580, 970, 1280, 1410, 1540, 2270, 2740 rpm

LDV 400 Convoy TD LWB 2004 93,500 miles, fitted with galvanised steel cage on original flatbed body (cage can be removed) fitted with RAM tracker – offers sought in excess go £1,745


This workhorse is in typical condition for its age and had some welding near the seatbelt anchorages recently, but has an MOT for 6 months.  We had the galvanised steel cage made especially to fit onto the existing dropside body so it can carry 15yd3 of waste wood – approx 70 scrap pallets.  The cage can be removed and the truck used as a flatbed if desired. This truck does not have a tipping body.

Ryobi ETP1531AK Thicknesser asking price £85

Ryobi ETP1531AK Thicknesser

Ryobi ETP1531AK Thicknesser

Max width 315mm – we’ve had this since 2010 when it cost £295 but not used it much as the nails etc in our reclaimed wood kept chipping the blades – so it will need a new set of blades, but otherwise works fine.

Record CX2600 dust extractor with extra fine dust filter and high quality hose – asking price £160 ono

Record CX2600 dust extractor

Record CX2600 dust extractor

We’ve had this since 2013 when it cost £320 with the extra fine dust filter – essential if you need it to extract dust from your saw, like the C4 Panel saw shown above

Set of 4 draper 300mm roller stands – asking price £45

set of 4 draper 300mm roller stands

set of 4 draper 300mm roller stands

These were purchased new in August 2015 for £75. They would be very useful with the C4 Panel saw or the Ryobi Thicknesses, or any other job where you have long lengths of timber to feed in and out.

DeWalt DWS778-GB 250mm Compound Sliding Mitre Saw 240V – asking price £160

DeWalt DWS778-GB 250mm Compound Sliding Mitre Saw 240V

DeWalt DWS778-GB 250mm Compound Sliding Mitre Saw 240V

We have two of these available, but only one is available as we need to keep the other one in use until we’ve chopped everything up! These saws are very robust and have been heavily used, hence the price, but we have found they can be repaired and maintained very easily. This one cost £365 new in 2014.

We also have two Evolution Rage mitre saws available.  We found these to be poor quality and unreliable, although some people rave about them.  No reasonable offer refused on these two items

Evolution Rage chopsaw

Evolution Rage chopsaw


Record Power RSDE2-A dust extractor – asking price £85

Record RSDE2 - A

Record RSDE2 – A

We’ve had this since 2014 when it cost £280 new. We’ve used it a lot and the top cover appears to have melted a bit, but it still works fine. It can be set to automatically start whenever you start sawing, although if your saw has a light on the dust extractor might not switch off every time you stop sawing.

Makita 9046 orbital sander with dust bag and shoe plate – asking price £65

Makita 9046

Makita 9046

This cost £180 new in 2014 and comes with the punch plate to make the holes in sheets of sandpaper if you buy then on a roll. It looks a bit rough but the spare parts for Makita tools are readily available. This is a lot more powerful than any DIY orbital sanders and makes sanding down a pleasure, not a chore.

There are a lot more items we do not have the time to list at the moment but we will try and get them on here.


Don’t forget if you want to look at any of the items you can make an appointment to view them 11am – 2pm Weds – Friday and 11am – 12noon Saturday.  Best and final offers by 12 noon Saturday please!