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New Year DIY projects – Aviary


We’ve had a lot of interest from people wanting to make everything from a simple chicken coop to a large aviary.

New Year DIY projects - Aviaries

Chicken coop

This simple chicken coop made by Alex Hamill (that could also double up as a rabbit hutch) is cheap and simple to make from reclaimed wood.

A larger chicken houses, or an aviary,  is still a relatively simple structure to make using reclaimed 3”x2” (75mm x 50mm) timber or similar.  We have plenty of 3″x2″ in stock perfect for making an aviary that is pressure treated for just £0.70 per linear metre.

New Year DIY project - Aviaries

Aviary / chicken house

The above example, made by one of our customers, features a corrugated iron roof and nesting boxes made using OSB with featheredge offcuts as cladding. Click on the above image for the full story…

The basic structure for a larger aviary or chicken run can easily be made from frames made to the width of the wire mesh you want to use which are then fixed together.  The roof can also be made from the same frames with some additional posts fitted to support the roof.  Here’s an excellent example of how to build a chicken run from the garden smallholder – again if you click on the image it will take you to the excellent blog post showing how it was done…

Aviary - New Year DIY projects

The garden smallholder's chicken run

We can make and install the frames to order, or you can buy the material from us and make you own aviary.  Whether you want to keep Parakeets for the sight of their plumage or Rhode Island Reds for their free range eggs, owning your own aviary or chicken run is a lot more affordable using our reclaimed wood.

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