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Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Kieron shared these photos of his latest reclaimed wood furniture recreations made with wood bought from us.

Reclaimed wood furniture side table

Side table made from new ungraded scaffold boards

Side table. The top of this piece of reclaimed wood furniture is made from new Scaffold boards and has been aged, then painted and stencilled. It has been ‘cut back’ revealing the grain, and simply waxed.
Reclaimed wood Furniture Scaffold board coffee table

Scaffold board coffee table

Coffee table made from your older used Scaffold boards. Metal work fabricated at Mackays in Cambridge.  The older board’s have great character and colour which you can’t get from new boards.  They do take a little work in cleaning, but are well worth the effort. A great example of how materials can be combined to make unique pieces of reclaimed wood furniture.

Reclaimed wood furniture Cedar shiplap Mirror

Cedar shiplap Mirror

Large wall mirror using Cedar ship-lap from your ‘Odds ‘ bin at the back of store. This piece of reclaimed wood furniture has been treated with a single coat of tinted wax.  All knocks and bumps have been left in adding to it’s patina.
Reclaimed wood furniture Pallet table

Pallet table

Pallet table top.  As stated top of this piece of reclaimed wood furniture is made from an old pallet, aged and attached to a vintage stand.  We’ve seen plenty of examples of reclaimed wood furniture made from cable drums that looks similar but Kieron’s version we think is simpler and more elegant.

reclaimed wood furniture odds and sods piece

'odds and sods ' piece

This really is an ‘odds and sods ‘ piece of reclaimed wood furniture.  Legs are stair spindles, shelves are new scaffold boards and the drawer is made from Cedar T and G . The drawer base is a piece of ply from a packing box. Again aged, painted and cut back revealing the grain. I think the total cost of the timber from you was in the region of £12. not exactly a bank buster.

Kieron says:

I thought I would share these reclaimed wood furniture projects with you, just to show what you can achieve with a little imagination and a few basic tools. Yes I am a  cabinet maker, but all of these pieces were made using standard tools, no fancy big machines..

All the pieces contain all the original dings and dents., don’t really see any reason to remove them they just add character and individuality which won’t find on new furniture.
If you like anything you see, why not leave a comment on this post or get in touch and we’ll feed back to Kieron for you.
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