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Treehouses made from reclaimed wood

Many visitors to the wood store are building a tree house in their back garden, and a couple of them have sent us photos of what they’ve made.

This one from Ian blends in really well with the rest of the garden and makes use of reclaimed wood from both ourselves and Cottenham sawmill.

Ian's tree house

Ian’s tree house

The frame and cladding was done with recycled wood from the wood works, the log finish are offcuts from Cottenham saw mills.
tree house supported on poles

tree house supported on poles

So apart from that and the round poles for support, its all from the works.
This neat little tree house from Andrius features a slide.
Andrius' treehouse with slide

Andrius’ treehouse with slide

“All our family( Four of us) can get inside the tree house, but only children can use slide…” says Andrius.

Whatever kind of shed or structure you’re planning on building, it’s always worth a visit to our wood store to see what we’ve got in stock – who knows what you might find and what you might end up building?

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